# Publications - [Dangers of Using Earned Duration and Other Earned Value Metrics to Measure a Project's Schedule Performance](, with Richard Wendell & Tim Lowe. Central European Journal of Operations Research. Forthcoming. - [Valuation and investment strategies of Carbon Capture and Storage Technology under Uncertainties in Technology, Policy and Market](, with Chao Huang, Lifei Chen and Pandu Tadikamalla. Journal of the Operational Research Society: 72(2), 292-303. 2021. - [Lane Change and Merge Maneuvers for Connected and Automated Vehicles: A Survey](, with David Bevly, Xiaolong Cao, Guchan Ozbilgin, David Kari, Brently Nelson, Jonathan Woodruff, Matthew Barth, Chase Murray, Arda Kurt, Keith Redmill & Umit Ozguner. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles: 1(1), 105-120. 2016. # Working Papers / Works in Progress - [Competing with Cause Marketing: Transactional vs. Non-Transactional Campaigns](, with Arian Aflaki, Esther Gal-Or & Jennifer Shang. (Under Review) -[The Effects of Competition on Corporate Sustainability](, with Titing Cui, Esther Gal-Or, Michael Hamilton & Jennifer Shang. (Under Review) - Optimal Release Scheduling for Digital Media, with Michael Hamilton, Jennifer Shang & Kasra Tari.